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CNC Dovetail Fixtures

CNC Dovetail

Ryan's CNC Dovetail Fixtures are Aluminum and Steel.

$700 for any Big Man fixture.

Specs: Spring activated keyway in our CNC dovetail tooling comes up through center and locks part into fixture.

CNC Dovetail
The BIG MAN is here -- Tough, reliable, and built to last. The BIG MAN offers increased rigidity during machining, and powerful gripping force for those demanding jobs that require toughness in tooling and flexibility for each project.

The BIG MAN line offers customizable work holding solutions using the dovetail methodology, and is an affordable tool for all shops to own.

Diagram and Price for CNC Dovetail
The aluminum in each dovetail fixture is 7075 T651 with a hard black anodize on it. Bolts measure 1/2 x 13 and 7/16 x 14. Springed keyway is .625 DIA 304 stainless steel machined to .375 on end. Heavy duty design at 16 pounds.

We're the machine shop to hire with dovetail fixtures at prices lower than other machine shops. Current low price: $700.00 per unit.

Video: Hog Out. Using dovetail fixture.
Call us for all your CNC dovetail tooling needs: (253) 876-9981.

More Information on CNC Dovetail fixtures: Use our dovetail fixtures for your 3,4, and 5 axis machines. My fixtures work the best and cost the least. Hard black anodize. 7075-T651. Great for mounting horizontally on a 4 axis vertical machine. Read over the website and watch our video to see our CNC dovetail fixture in action.

DOVETAIL FIXTURES. Hold em and don't let go. You will love these fixtures. Cool stainless steel keyway that spring pushes up thru center of part. Parts never move. Cool name also. BIGMAN.

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